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The crowd funded drones updates for 6/5/2015


Crowd funded drones remain popular on Kickstarter but there there are no guaranteed projects

We wanted to take a slightly different look at crowd funded drones on Kickstarter this week, looking at how active drone-related projects are doing against their fundraising goals.  We have spoken with some of these project teams and will continue to do so.

Here are the current Kickstarter active crowd funded drones that have met their goals already:

  • The CyPhy Lvl 1 Drone. $559,062 has been pledged which is 223% of their fundraising goal and 12 days remain.
  • The Sprite portable drone. $279,081 has been pledged which is 139% of their fundraising goal and  8 days remain.
    • We ran this one story on the project.

The rest of these crowd funded drones (16 others) have not yet met their fundraising goals and, in some cases, clearly are not going to met the goal.

  • The Phone Drone.  $120,098 has been pleaded which is 48% of their goal.  Only 5 days remain to raise the rest.
  • The B-Unstoppable Tank Drone. 14,592 british pounds have been pledged which represents 30% of their goal.  With 40 days to go they may still reach their target.
  • Aexo – The protecter drone. 17,126 british pounds have been pledged, representing 68% of their target.  With 24 days to go they also have a good chance of reaching their target.
  • Eedu – The educational drone kit to learn robotics. $11,082 has been pledged, 11% of the target.  With 25 days to go it is possible they can reach their target but it does appear to be a stretch.
  • SkyBot – Build your own drone kit.  Similar to Eedu the team is focused on both a kit and education. They have raised $1320, 20% of their goal with 47 days to go.

To learn about the remaining crowd funded drones, check them out here.

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