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The world’s biggest miniature AUV swarm

The CoCoRo (Collective Cognitive Robotics) Project is working with miniature underwater robots to create an AUV swarm

The IEEE Spectrum is reporting:

Each AUV is capable of operating on its own, and small groups share data between themselves, and then the entire swarm makes decisions based on the collective data. The advantages here are the same as with any robot swarm: it’s versatile, adaptable, and very robust to failures of each individual robot. You could lose a handful of Lilys or Jeffs and it would be very sad, but the mission could continue.

as well as:

In terms of practical applications, one possible scenario includes underwater search

The ability for drones, either aerial or underwater, to work in cooperation to complete jobs open up many possibilities.  While this project is not new (it started in 2011), we may learn a lot from AUV swarm capabilities and be able to apply this behavior to other types of drones to complete even more complex missions.

Stay tuned.

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