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UAE is buzzing with ideas for drones

The UAE is rapidly becoming the hub of drone development through a competition that is receiving thou-sands of submissions each year. The UAE Drones for Good Awards has put the country in the spotlight by showcasing drones that benefit humans. Ammar Malik, the Executive Director of Dubai Internet City – who are hosting the event – said that there has been a total of 1,300 submissions this year, which is a 30 per cent in-crease from 2016.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Malik said: “For us it’s not just about attracting big companies and supporting start-ups, we have a third factor which is supporting the initiative to do good for humanity. This is an event which is designed to inspire and to pitch ideas for different people, so they can compete to do good.


Source: UAE is buzzing with ideas for drones

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