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UAV Anti-Poaching Project taking place in Tanzania

UAV Anti-Poaching efforts will make it more difficult for poachers

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Anti-Poaching Trials

Bathawk Recon, a Tanzanian UAV Anti-Poaching surveillance company, is organizing UAV (drone) trials in the Selous Game Reserve. If successful, these trials could mark the beginning of the first large-scale UAV anti-poaching project in Africa.

This Press release is a notice that the trials will be held 29th April to 3rd May in the Selous Game Reserve at the Mkuyu River Camp. The Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in Africa and famous for its rough terrain and abundant wildlife. The goal of these trials is to determine an operational surveillance plan and a machine that can carry it out. Cutting edge technology is required that can operate day and night, cover significant areas and detect humans and suspicious activity.

Bathawk Recon will be supporting press queries by mobile and email regarding the on-going activities as the trials. You may contact Bathawk Recon during the trial at bhr(dot)press(at)elephantsurvival(dot)or(dot)tz or mike(dot)chambers(at)elephantsurvival(dot)or(dot)tz

The trials are designed to test the French made DT-26 to fit Bathawk Recon’s modular anti-poaching operational proposal. The focus of the trial is on night time Infrared coverage of large areas. Bathawk intends to acquire aircraft with these capabilities to deploy over areas measured in thousands of square kilometers.

Potential customers are Mantra Tanzania and TANAPA (the Tanzania National Park Authority). The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority are the relevant authorities.

Bathawk Recon will be issuing a Press Release at the end of the trial and any interested party can follow the trial on our social media (the links for which can be found on our websites).

For more information on Bathawk Recon’s anti-poaching activities using UAVs visit our website http://www.bat-hawkrecon.com.

We at The Drone Info applaud all UAV Anti-Poaching efforts taking place around the world.  We have reached out to the team involved with this project and will try to bring you more information.  Stay tuned!

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