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UAV photography in our farmlands

While this post is from 2013 it provides a couple of good examples of UAV photography in our farmlands.

Corn in Illinois

Last month we had the opportunity to  do some fixed wing flying in the heartland. Below is a sample of a flight in which we covered approximately 300 acres of corn. The flight lasted about 20 minutes and has a ground resolution of 15cm .


Wheat in Idaho

Last week I had the opportunity to do some flying for General Mills field day in Idaho. The day was a bit of a mixed event with some good flying in the early morning and a very hard landing due to a problem with the airframe mid flight. Again it was a lesson in not assuming small problems can be ignored.

Wheat test plots taken from Octane UAV / Drone

Sunday July 28th

We managed to free up from family obligations for the day and get some flying in. This was an important mission for us and we brought out the big guns to get it done. A high end commercially available system was used to gather a few hundred acres  of imagery in one flight. The ground resolution of the imagery is 10cm, flight time was about 35 minutes.


Processing was completed in less than 1 hours. There are a few patterns in the corn that is a result of shadows cast be clouds.

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