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Uneek Perspective Aerial Photography shares their story

Uneek Perspective Aerial Photography recently received their Section 333 Exemption from the FAA

For more information about Uneek Perspective, check out their website.

Q. How did the exemption process go in your opinion?

The exemption process was lengthy. I did a fair amount of research prior to putting together my exemption request. As with most things in aviation it was a “hurry up and wait” process. You hurry to get stuff together to secure your place in line and then wait for what seems like forever to get your exemption.

Q. What changes are you hoping to see the FAA make in order to help Uneek Perspective maximize its potential?

The FAA exceeded my expectations with the timing of the grant of my exemption. I was expecting a July 1st approval and got it mid-May instead.

NOTAM processing and cancellation through online, electronic means would be nice. Faster COA processing would be nice, too.

Q. Your exemption paperwork noted that you are using the Yuneec Q500, what made that the right choice for your business?

The Yuneec Q500 was built for aerial photography/video, has exceptional flight time on one battery, and their U.S. Headquarters is in an area I am familiar with and visit often.

Q. Do you fly any other UAVs as a hobbyist? If yes, which ones?

The Q500 was my first quadcopter. Over the past 20+ years, I have flown mostly RC airplanes and electric helicopters. I have since acquired a couple of smaller practice quadcopters to hone in on my airmanship skills.

Q. Will Uneek Perspective be hiring any additional UAV pilots as a result of the exemption.

Perhaps. I have a couple of current FAA certificated pilots lined up if business dictates additional manpower.

Q. What should we have asked you about your business that you would like our readers to be aware of?

I’d like to promote the “Know Before You Fly” website. It’s important to know the rules of the sky to ensure the safe operation of RC aircraft in the scope of the National Airspace Sustem. I am also a commercial airline pilot and knowing where you can and can’t fly your quadcopter, drone, etc. is very important. So take a look, do some research and Know Before You Fly.

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