US: Drone technology outpacing regulatory efforts

Drone technology outpacing regulatory efforts in the United States is not new information to any of us spending time in and around the industry.  However, we wanted to share this story with you from the Daytona Beach News.

“The rapid development of drone technology has left government regulators scrambling to work out new rules for the industry. In February, the Federal Aviation Administration released a set of proposed regulations for small unmanned aerial vehicles.

The rules include a limit on the weight of an unmanned aircraft to under 55 pounds; visual line-of-sight operations only; operations limited to daylight hours; a maximum airspeed for unmanned aircraft of 100 mph; maximum altitude of 500 feet; and operators can only control one unmanned aircraft at a time.

The proposed rules would also require aircraft operators to pass an initial aeronautical test at an FAA-approved testing center and be vetted by the Transportation Security Administration. In addition, operators have to be at least 17 years old and obtain an unmanned aircraft operator certificate.”

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