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Wine drones: New ways of making wine

Wine drones. A Y6 multicopter returns from a flight over a winegrape vineyard. (Photo credit: Discover Sonoma County Wine)

Wine drones leading to better wine

Drones are making their way into our world day by day, helping with everything from construction to agriculture, providing photographers and videographers with the right shot, and making better wine…  Wine drones are here and they are leading to better glasses of wine, drink up.

Earlier this year, Growing Produce ran a good article on the use of drones by Ryan Kunde, winemaker FOR DRNK Wines near Sebastopol, CA.  In this article, Ryan states that:

he makes better wines now that he flies an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) over the vineyards from which he sources grapes.

“I was the first to pick — others were a week later — and I nailed it,” he said of his 2014 Sonoma Valley Sauvignon Blanc. “I got exactly what I wanted.”

As a decision-making aid, there’s nothing quite like the images he gets by flying a 33 millimeter camera affixed to a small airplane over vineyards.
“I like the mapping it enables me to do,” he says. “For sampling, it really helped me this year.”

Precision agriculture is critical for farmers of all types.  Others wine makers are also embracing wine drones, as you can see in these articles.:

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Wine country is beginning to use drones as a source of information and for application of nutrients. Wearable technologies and the data they collect have now crept into the courtroom.
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