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Yuneec Typhoon H review

When the Yuneec Typhoon H showed up at CES 2016 it stood out from the horde of other flying machines at the gigantic electronics show (the Ehang 184 being a notable exception).

Its six-rotor design and sonar sensors in front for obstacle detection give it the look of a flying insect, while its removable 360-degree rotating gimbal camera and retractable landing gear are things you can only really find on the $2,000 DJI Inspire 1. But the ready-to-fly Typhoon H was just $1,300 when it shipped in April and is currently $1,000 (AU$2,100, £1,000).


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Joshua Goldman/CNET

To top it all off, the Typhoon H is available in a Pro version for $1,500 (£1,550, AU$3,000) which adds Intel’s Realsense technology for advanced obstacle avoidance and downward-facing optical flow sensors to help you fly it if a GPS connection isn’t available or is lost. (This Intel demo at CES shows just a bit of this system’s capabilities.)

Naturally, I had high expectations for the Typhoon H. I mean, I really like the Inspire 1, but it’s simply not practical for anyone but professionals and enthusiasts with deep pockets. The Typhoon H offers comparable features (so much so DJI filed a lawsuit for patent infringement) in a more compact body and for a whole lot less money. You’re getting a lot more drone for the price of DJI’s top consumer drone, the Phantom 4.

Up, up and aw-hey, come back!

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Source: CNET | Yuneec Typhoon H review

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